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Why You Should Pick Filipino Cuisine for Your Next Event

Why You Should Pick Filipino Cuisine for Your Next Event

Trying out different types of food is an adventure for the senses. If you haven’t tried Filipino food before, why not give your palette the chance to experience new and exciting flavors? Filipino cuisine offers a wide selection of dishes that originate from more than a hundred distinct ethnolinguistic groups throughout the country, such as Visayan, Tagalog, Kapampangan, and more.

Filipino dishes range from simple meals like lumpia (fried spring rolls) to popular dishes like lechon (whole roasted pig) which are popularly served during important events and big celebrations. With such a wide variety, you may want to consider serving these meals for an upcoming event. Likewise, we at Kuya’s Islander Cuisine will share the reasons why you should do so:

  • Expand your menu options
    Serving Filipino dishes in Happy Valley, Oregon is a great way to expand your menu options, especially when serving a diverse group of guests. Choosing to serve Filipino cuisine will introduce your friends, family, or colleagues to new dishes that they will enjoy and also provides new experiences during your event. If you’re planning a huge event with a long guest list, the ability to provide diverse menu options will satisfy guests and provide a unique experience they will surely remember.
  • Enjoy flavorful dishes
    Filipino cuisine is known for being flavorful and unique. Since Philippine cuisine reflects diverse cultures throughout the country, you will have the chance to taste various regional specialties. While popular pork dishes such as sisig or lechon come from the northern area of the country, the southern region also offers must-try local dishes that include beef and seafood as the main ingredients.
  • Adaptable dishes for any kind of event
    You can never go wrong with Filipino food as it offers a wide selection of appetizers, main courses, and Pinoy desserts Oregon. Due to the wide selection, you won’t find it difficult to prepare and serve dishes that fit your event’s theme. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception or organizing a birthday party for a family member, Filipino cuisine has a little bit of everything for each type of event and guest.
  • Enjoy familiar dishes with a unique twist
    Filipinos are known to be inventive cooks and are always up for experimentation in the kitchen. As a result, Philippine cuisine has its own fresh spin on familiar dishes. For instance, Filipino cuisine offers kinilaw instead of ceviche, atchara instead of sauerkraut, or pancit instead of pad thai.

Are you thinking of serving Filipino food at your next event? We offer delicious food and catering in Gresham, Oregon that will surely fit your event’s theme. Get in touch with us to discuss our catering options and packages today!

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