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Unique Filipino Desserts for Your Next Event

 Unique Filipino Desserts for Your Next Event

Whether you have a sweet tooth or would like to try a unique, foreign dish, Filipino cuisine has a lot to offer. What sets apart Filipino desserts is its creative use of ingredients and that unique Filipino flair that’s hard to come by with western desserts and dishes. If you’re planning on visiting a Filipino restaurant or hiring Pinoy food and catering in Gresham, Oregon, here are a few unique Filipino desserts you should try:

  • Halo-halo

    It is one of the most popular Pinoy desserts in the country and is an easy crowd-pleaser. From foreign travelers to locals alike, halo-halo is a beloved dessert enjoyed by many.

    The term halo-halo was derived from the Tagalog word “Halo,” which means “mix” in English. Halo-halo consists of beans, sago pearls, jelly, nata de coco, sweetened banana, coconut, purple yam, evaporated milk, and more. Served with crushed ice, this makes it the perfect dessert for a hot day.

  • Turon
    When it comes to Pinoy desserts in Oregon, turon is a must-try dessert you should add to your food bucket list. Also called banana lumpia, it’s a snack or dessert consisting of thinly sliced banana sprinkled with brown sugar and rolled into a spring roll wrapper. It is then deep-fried and can consist of other ingredients, such as mango, cheese, coconut, and sweet potato. Turon is also a popular street food snack and is sold along with camote and banana cue.
  • Leche Flan
    Leche flan is another highly popular dessert in the Philippines and is the Filipino version of caramel pudding. This custard dessert is served with a layer of clear caramel sauce and a hard-caramel layer on top. Leche flan is the Pinoy version of flan de leche, a Spanish dish that contains more egg yolks and condensed milk. In the Philippines, leche flan is a staple dessert often served during celebratory events and feasts, known as fiestas in the country.
  • Bukayo
    Bukayo is a Pinoy dessert that is made from sweetened coconut strips. Traditionally, Bukayo is prepared by simmering shredded bits or strips of gelatinous coconut in sinuklob or and water. Sinuklob is a sugarcane muscovado sugar that is melted until it turns into a caramel-like consistency. This results in a very sweet-tasting dessert that is typically served in small-sized balls. However, it may also be used as garnishing or fillings for other Pinoy dishes like pan de coco.

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