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Must-Try Healthy Filipino Dishes to Supplement Your Diet

Must-Try Healthy Filipino Dishes to Supplement Your Diet

When you hear or talk about Filipino food, healthy and diet-friendly are not the words that usually come to mind. However, there are plenty of Filipino dishes in Happy Valley, Oregon that are health-boosting and enjoyable to eat. So, if you are on a diet but don’t want to miss out on delicious Filipino food, here are must-try healthy Pinoy dishes to supplement your diet:

  • Gising-gising
    Ginataang sigarilyas or more popularly known as gising-gising or winged bean is a Filipino dish known for its spicy taste. It originates from Pampanga and Nueva Ecija in the Philippines and is traditionally made up of coconut milk, luboyo chili, onions, garlic, bagoong alamang (shrimp paste), and its main ingredient: chopped winged beans. It’s a healthy Pinoy dish rich in vitamin A that’s perfect if you’re craving for something spicy.
  • Chicken tinola
    Chicken tinola is a type of ginger-based soup that is usually served as a main entrée with white rice or as an appetizer in Pinoy restaurants. Its ingredients include the wedges of green papaya, chicken, and the leaves of the siling labuyo in broth. The broth contains onions, fish sauce, and ginger which is rich in nutrients and provides a rich taste.
  • Vegetable lumpia
    Vegetable lumpia is a healthy alternative to the popular fried lumpia dish and can be served as snacks, appetizers, or as part of the main entrée with white rice. This makes it a versatile and healthy Filipino food that can be served with different meals and various occasions. Vegetable lumpia or vegetable spring rolls are made up of different vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, and string beans. You can also add some protein to the dish by putting in small pieces of tofu or fish.
  • Ginataang ampalaya
    Ginataang ampalaya is a Filipino vegetable stir-fry dish with bitter gourd or melon as its main ingredient. Aside from bitter gourd, tinapa in coconut milk, bagoong alamang, and various spices are also added. Bitter gourd is a nutrient-dense vegetable rich with vitamins A and C making it a health-boosting dish you should add to your diet.
  • Sinigang
    Similar to how halo-halo is one of the most popular and beloved Pinoy desserts Oregon, sinigang is a well-known soup served in most Filipino restaurants. It contains a tamarind base stewed with your protein of choice. This may include chicken, shrimp, pork, beef, or fish depending on your preference and mixed with vegetables like taro root, long beans, okra, or tomatoes.

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