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What’s On Our Menu

Craving for scrumptious Filipino food? We will have it delivered right to your doorsteps!

LUMPIA SHANGHA (100/200pcs.) $85 $165
PANCIT BIHON (Rice Noodles, veggies, chicken strips, oyster sauce, salt / pepper) $55 $105
PANCIT PALABOK (Rice Noodles sautéed in garlic / onions with ground pork & baby shrimp) $60 $115
KUYA’S PANCIT GUYISADO (Soft noodles (wheat flour) with veggies, choices of 3 (chicken, pork, quail eggs, shrimps, fish or squid balls)) $75 $145
CHICKEN ADOBO (Chicken thighs, soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce, garlic, brown sugar, salt / pepper) $65 $125
PORK ADOBO (Pork butts, soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce, garlic, brown sugar, salt / pepper) $70 $135
CHICKEN TINOLA SOUP (Chicken thighs sautéed in garlic / onions, with ginger, spinach & green papaya) $65 $125
KUYA’S FRIED CHICKEN (25/50pcs.) (Deep fried marinated chicken (drumstick & thighs) $55 $105
BEEF CALDERETA (Beef cooked in tomato sauce, potatoes/carrots, green lives with pork liver spread) $75 $145
PORK SINIGANG SOUP (Pork spareribs with egg plant, bok choy, green beans cooked in tamarind powder) $70 $135
CHICHEN CURRY (Chicken thighs with potatoes, carrots & bell peppers cooked in curry powder) $75 $135
BATABGAS BULALO SOUP (Filipino beef shank soup with cabbage, bok choy, corn with fish sauce) $80 $155
CRISPY PATA (CRISPY PORK LEG) (Boiled and deep fried pork leg served with spicy vinegar & atsara (papaya salad) $75 $145
LECHON KAWALI (Deep fired pork belly) $90 $175
GRILLED FISH (6 / 12 PCS) (Tilapia or Panparo) $90 $175
KALUA PORK (Slow cooked smoked shredded pork meat with Hawaiian salt) $75 $145
GRILLED CHICKEN TERIYAKI (Marinated & grilled chicken thighs) $70 $135
BEEF TERIYAKI (Marinated & grilled beef) $80 $155
GRILLED HULI-HULI CHICKEN (Marinated grilled chicken thighs with Huli-Huli sauce) $70 $135
SPAM MUSUBI (16/32 pieces) (Marinated slices of spam molded in shishi rice wrapped in seaweed) $70 $135
LOCO MOCO (6/12 pieces) (Rice and Hamburger smothered with rich gravy & fried egg on top) $80 $155
BEEF KALBI (Marinated & grilled beef rib sprinkled with sesame seeds) $90 $175
MACARONI SALAD (elbow macaroni, best foods mayo, celery, onions, carrots, sugar, tuna, milk, salt/pepper, vinegar) $40 $75

Whether you have a birthday, a corporate meeting, or other social events, you can count on us to provide an exceptional catering service. We’ll take care of the food so that you can focus on the important matters at hand.

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