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Discover Uncommon Filipino Delicacies

Discover Uncommon Filipino Delicacies

Whether you are a food enthusiast or simply want to cross off trying exotic food from your bucket list, Filipino cuisine certainly has a lot to offer. Aside from popular savory Pinoy dishes, Filipino cuisine also hosts a long list of exotic delicacies that are native to the country. If you plan on traveling to the Philippines in the future, here are a few unique and exotic Filipino delicacies you should try:

  • Betamax
    Not to be confused with the analog-recording and cassette media format that was popular in the mid-70s, betamax is a popular Filipino street dish. It’s comprised of marinated and skewered chicken blood that is shaped into bite-sized cubes and cooked on the grill. The result is blood curd that has a mild flavor with a texture that resembles firm tofu. It’s a tasty, gelatinous snack that can be found in most barbecue stands and restaurants across the country.
  • Dinuguan
    Dinuguan is another must-try Pinoy delicacy made up of pork organs or meat simmered in dark gravy that contains pig’s blood, chili, garlic, and vinegar. The dish is a popular Filipino casserole that uses body parts of the pork that are not usually used when cooking. This includes the heart, kidney, snout, intestines, lungs, and ears. Upon eating dinuguan, you will notice a tender texture with a delightfully flavorsome taste. The dish is a popular menu option for Filipino restaurants offering food and catering in Gresham, Oregon.
  • Etag
    Etag is a traditional Filipino food that originated from the mountainous region of Sagada. It is a cured slab of indigenous pork that is cured in salt for seven days before it is air-dried under the sun and smoked for several weeks and sometimes months. After the cured meat is grilled, it is then served with rice and vegetable dishes. Due to the complicated process of preparation, it is usually served during local festivals.
  • Lepeg
    Lepeg is a type of fermented rice that originated from the Mountain Province in the Luzon region. The dish is created through the process of fermentation which breaks down sugar into alcohol that creates rice wine. Lepeg is the red rice that is left over after fermentation and stored inside a jar for roughly three weeks before it is served.
  • Bulca Chong
    Although you may not find this dish in restaurants that specialize in Filipino dishes in Happy Valley, Oregon, bulca chong is another must-try if you visit the country. This dish comes from Davao City and is made up of water buffalo meat. A serving of bulca chong contains several pieces of meat drenched with a hot bowl of soup. The result is tender carabao meat with a rich, ginger-like flavor.

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