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Check Out These Interesting Facts About Filipino Cuisine

Check Out These Interesting Facts About Filipino Cuisine

Drawing inspiration from different cultures, Filipino cuisine is a mix of international and local influences blended together resulting in a truly fascinating cuisine. Filipino food is best known for its distinct indigenous flavors and unique eating practices that are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. In this month’s blog, we will share interesting facts about Filipino cuisine:

  • Filipino cuisine is influenced by other cultures

    One of the main features of Filipino cuisine is its diversity and complexity. Filipino food is inspired by other cultures, including Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Malaysian, and other Western influences. For instance, popular Pinoy dishes like pancit and lumpia have Chinese heritage while popular Pinoy desserts in Oregon, such as leche flan is inspired by Spanish cuisine.

    Additionally, each region in the Philippines has its own unique cooking style and recipes for different meals. With more than 7,000 islands, this makes Filipino food truly diverse and one-of-a-kind.

  • Rice and dipping sauces complete the meal

    If you’ve ever dined at a Filipino restaurant or at a Filipino friend’s home, you may have noticed the presence of rice and various dipping sauces. White rice and dipping sauce are considered staples in Filipino food and no meal is complete without them. Since rice offers a starchy yet plain flavor, it goes really well with Pinoy dishes.

    Moreover, dipping sauces are served to make the dishes extra flavorful. This includes soy sauce mixed with calamansi, spiced vinegar, and fish sauce or patis. Some dishes like peanut-based beef stew or kare-kare are served with shrimp paste or bagoong to complete the dish.

  • Filipino food is typically served at once

    With exception to fine dining restaurants and catering services, Filipino food is typically served at once as Filipinos usually eat food in one course. This includes the appetizers, main meals, and sometimes the dessert. Aside from that, Filipino food is eaten using a spoon and fork. Knives are rarely used because the meat is often chopped into small pieces before they are served. Nonetheless, Filipino food and catering in Gresham, Oregon is usually served buffet-style or through traditional courses depending on the restaurant or client’s preferences.

  • Unique animal parts are used as ingredients

    It may come as a surprise, but some Filipino dishes use unconventional animal parts in the ingredients. For instance, pig’s leg is the main ingredient in a dish called crispy pata while the head may be used for dishes like sisig or dinakdakan. Also, chicken intestines are served in a kebab and are a popular street dish called isaw.

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